Hint Of Magic 🌟

I came up with the name hint of magic 🌟 Because when I’m feeling rough I use Disney to cheer myself up !

Have you ever noticed that the smallest of things can create such a positive impact on your life, little things like, having gorgeous makeup, your hair looking nice, a stranger smiling at you or sipping on your favourite Starbucks drink !☕️

For me this is Disney I feel because of its wonderful and happy atmosphere I can feel like the world around me doesn’t exist, I can be alone in my bedroom watching endless Park vlogs and Disney movies 😊 They make me happy! My favourites are from Ellie Steadman, Tom and Sophie and MayasDCP they all do something different and unique and this really sets them apart from the others. I give them all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😊

Anyway I hope I can write more Disney blog posts soon ! It’s finding the time to do it 😂 Check out my Instagram and message me any ideas you may have 😉 Hint_of_magic_

Yours Truly

Hint of Magic 🌟